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In collaboration with Robbie Williams' management, Sony Music asked for our help in engaging with Robbie's fans around the release of The Heavy Entertainment Show album (2016). We wanted to work on a new and innovative technological design which captured the attention of fans worldwide.

Our Approach

RobBot, the Robbie Williams chatbot, was designed and built in collaboration with the idea of updating fans with latest Robbie Williams news as well as having a bit of fun. The RobBot works on Facebook Messenger at, where you can have a 'chat' with Robbie, first by answering his automated questions, which can lead you to lots of info about tours, album and press releases. There's even an option to get RobBot to wish you a happy birthday.

The Results

RobBot has gone on to exchange over three million messages with fans and contributed greatly to the excellent promotion of the album.

Get In Touch

Do you want to learn more about how to entertain and interact with your audience at scale using chatbots? We would love to hear from you to chat about it. Do give us a call on +44 208 123 2983 or email us at to arrange a virtual consultation with our development team (we are human, honest).

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